Equine Hyperbaric Chambers


Since the development of our first equine hyperbaric facility in Flemington, Melbourne in 2004, the SLEQ facilities have been subject to the same high standard of design, construction and safety considerations as our human treatment facilities.

The SLEQ chambers have a fire deluge system with oxygen/air crossover and an oxygen monitoring system to ensure that the oxygen levels in the chamber remain at a safe level. The chamber is pressurised with air which is constantly circulated through the compartment at all stages of the treatment.

Horses are provided with oxygen through our own proprietary equine oxygen mask system which  means that the oxygen is provided directly to the patient keeping wastage to a minimum and minimising the chances of a dangerous build-up of oxygen inside the chamber.

Prior to the treatment, the equine patients are fitted with rubber boots and brass tack to remove any possibility of these items causing sparks. Floors are covered with a thick epoxy rubber coating and walls are insulated with thick rubber to ensure that steel shoes can not impact on the shell of the chamber.

The SLEQ chambers are designed to be easy to clean and operate. Folding crush stalls open wide and allow stable staff to quickly clean the chamber for the next treatment while the control of the chamber is handled by the same touch screen interface as our human facilities.

CCTV cameras  fitted inside show close up views of each horse stall and a wide view of the entire chamber, a PA system allows the outside attendant to listen and communicate with the equine patients.


  • 800mm wide hinged door
  • CCTV monitoring with PA system
  • Proprietary Fink Engineering Equine oxygen delivey system
  • Fire Deluge system with automatic Oxygen/Air crossover
  • Chamber oxygen analysis and alarm
  • Unique push button life support system which makes chamber operation safe and simple.
  • Meets the requirements of AS1210 or PED as applicable

Fink engineering SLEQ facilities have been installed in Australia, the UK and the UAE.

For more information and complete technical specifications click here for a SLEQ Data Sheet, you will require Acrobat Reader avaliable free from Adobe

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