Hennepin County Medical centre

Fink Engineering completed the installation and commissioning of the Hennepin County Hospital’s new Triple Lock Hyperbaric Facility in 2012 which replaces the existing chamber which has been in operation since the mid 60’s.

Fink commenced on-site installation of the Life Support Systems for the chamber in January 2012 after the hospital renovation works were completed for the hyperbaric area. The Fire Deluge tanks, LP compressors and gas storage were installed above the chamber in the third floor mechanical room specially designed for the purpose.

The control console was built at Fink’s works in Australia and re-assembled on site and interconnected to the chamber via pre-run cabling.

FE’s new and improved operating software maintains the very user-friendly operator interface required for combining intensive care patients use with routine wound care patients in two different locks whilst still leaving an Entrance Lock free for access.

Of particular interest for this chamber is the unique headwall installation; a concept promoted by Bill Gossett that facilitates the same Med Gas and Medical Monitoring configuration found in the balance of the hospital. Compartments 1 & 3 have dual Headwall Installations whilst Compartment 2 has a single to allow enough room for the customised toilet surround.

Provision has been made to enable Treatment Locks 2 and 3 to have a future hypobaric capability thus enabling research in simulated altitude conditions. Each lock is fitted with FE’s unique whisper quiet pressurisation/depressurisation and environmental control system that keeps the internal noise level in the low 50’s dBA level. Each lock is also boasts FE’s unique square medical lock and full size rectangular doors which roll on stainless steel frictionless bearings.

This unique chamber has also been designed and partially outfitted for the future installation of the equipment necessary to turn Treatment Locks 2 and 3 into altitude locks

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